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Originals adidas recently launched the new ZX 8000 color series, "of the Wall Fall", to Germany, Berlin wall for inspiration, published a set of three models of the new color design. The Berlin wall was built in 1961, 155 km long, dividing the East Berlin and West Berlin, which was a landmark building caused by the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war. cheap foamposites However, along with the situation development in the future, the East German government in 1989 announced allow citizens to apply for a visit to West Germany and West Berlin, and the Berlin Wall therefore forced to open, then weeks of people began to the Berlin Wall chisel as a souvenir, until 1990, the East German government finally officially decided dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the e cheap jordans online nd of the Socialist Unity Party dictatorship and the reunification of East and West Germany opened the gate. this year is seen as the 25 anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall, rooted in the German Originals adidas has decided to use this as a creative theme for its ZX 8000 additions to the new color. The theme series will be available for sale in November 9th. source: HBsports wear cheap jordans for sale mens products hot, making health and sports fields once again become the focus of attention of the technology giants. The new market means a new profit growth point, regardless of product is not mature, be sure to catch up with the trend, while the market is hot points a cup of soup. Iphone6 Iwatch (actually Apple watch, hereinafter referred to as Iwatch) increases the physical health monitorin Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping g again pushed to the cusp of the topic, apple Iwatch "sports and health" propaganda on-chip appeared a lot riding sports lens, then new iphone6 Iwatch what cycling brought what? in retrospect, apple in the movement of the health sector is one of the pioneers, in the early period of iPod Apple launched the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, but at the time due to the limitation of the iPod itself hard Retro jordans for sale ware and need to separate Nike + accessories placed in running shoes can realize monitoring the movement, mature period and then hand machine with built-in sensors that make iPhone can eliminates the need for additional hardware, direct calls to the phone's internal sensor, as long as the use of nike+running sports such as software can realization of trajectory records and step function. To Cheap air jordan 12 ovo day, with the development of smart phones, most software can borrow mobile gravity acceleration sensor and GPS monitoring the movement, but due to the mobile sensor is not designed for the sports development, resulting in the software looks powerful, generally has high power consumption, monitoring results inaccurate phenomenon, resulting in the availability greatly reduced. iPhone6 confere cheap jordan shoes for men nce, Apple introduced the latest M8 dynamic co processor 2013 and apple in iphone5s introduced M7 dynamic co processor. It is mainly used for the movement of the user identification, the coprocessor can greatly reduce the power consumption of mobile phones, for a long time movement monitoring possible. In this year's release of iPhone6, apple upgraded the co processor, the new M8 co process cheap jordans for sale or is an important feature that can detect the difference between running and riding. After Nike products the bracelet was upgraded to the second generation was added to ride and motion detection, in this way, in the use of some software for exercise unified timing, it will not appear riding 10km is not running 200m cumulative amount of exercise much embarrassment. in addition, iPhone6 also Retro jordans for sale added a pressure sensor, you can measure the user's altitude, and the results are very accurate measurement. Before there are a lot of riding software will be based on the GPS data display real-time elevation, and after the end of the ride to generate the elevation of the trajectory of the elevation map, and statistics of the cumulative rise and fall of the altitude of the ride. But due to Cheap air jordans for sale too large fluctuations of GPS data error, making the most of the time elevation data generated map like ECG of jitter, which previously only a mobile phone with a built-in a pressure sensor (such as Samsung S5), now iPhon〉Following the earlier French street brand Pigalle and work together to create a joint Nike Dunk Lux High shoes, overwhelmed by the two sides sharpen the focus of the popular shoes LeBron 12 Elite, and create a new style for shoes. Designers insist on using a single tone, the main body of the shoe white boots, shoes side of the protective device to identify metallic gray as a modifier, plus the usual markings embellishment overall, with a French street unique charm, and finally the tongue and laces, such as withholding details of the site indicate the brand identity. It is reported that the joint shoes will be the first sale in Shanghai NikeLab August 18, is expected to rest in September before landing several NikeLab stores and the official website.Fan: commissioning editor date: 2016-12-16 Force family Air Force UltraForce Mid 1 generationSince the advent of in 1982, Nike Air Force 1 has been an important source of inspiration for Nike's new generation of footwear. It is based on the performance innovation of basketball shoes as the gene, and is always located at the core of sports fashion and the "new generation of power" of Nike. The Nike Force family consists of a series of life sports shoes, now has added a highly comfortable and stylish Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid (and launched just last month, Nike Special Field Air Force 1).

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